ZYQ – Zhong Yuan Qigong

img_58281Zhong Yuan Qigong (ZYQ) is an ancient Chinese art of self regulation, improvement of one’s health and communication with different forms of life. ZYQ is most complex life developing sysytem and represents the highest levels of Qigong. Its over 7000 year-old lineage and is comprised of the wisdom and knowlidge of the masters from many generations. The methods of ZYQ allow a human improve ones’s health – medical Qigong, reach longetivity and increase quality of life.

ZYQ is a branch of science through which you can learn how to develop your body, energy and spirit.

The practice of this system is aimed at human development and transformation. It offers methods and approaches that allow the attainment of enlightenment in this life itself. In this sysytem, something can not be had for nothing. Everything is achieved through practice and effort. All movent of ZYQ belong to the Chinese National Association of Qigong. ZYQ focuses on discovering and studying ourselves. One of the main purpose of this practice is to understand who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. This requires the study of the whole framework. Thus, we can say ZYQ is a simple science of Life.

Benefit of ZYQGrand master Xu Mingtang1.st level2nd level3rd level4 & 5 th levelShao Lin
coloured-neijing-tu-najdi-svoj-potencialZYQ is a branch of science through which you can learn how to develop your body, energy and spirit. It is free from any branch of religion, ideology or politics. Its exercices are suitable for people of all ages. The practice of this system brings health improvement and self regulation, capable of helping people overcome illness, prolong life, gain physical and spiritual strength, develop a deeper knowlidge of the world around them, icrease creativity, foster spiritual growth, achieve inner balance, and attain true happiness.

The purpose of ZYQ is to understand what Life is by opening our eyes wider to see world in a different light. Through this system of knowlidge and healing, we can open our hearts to understand the many hidden aspects of the Earth and the Universe. It forms a solid system of knowlidge and methods which hepls us to leap from an ordinary state into the state of a human with speacial abilities that lead to the development of individual and evolution of the human race.

We ( you ) have been given a chance, so lets’s try not to miss it.

maxresdefaultGrand Master Xu Mingtang, professor of TCM, the founder and director of the medical scientific research institute “Kundawel” in Beijing – China and Seattle – USA, executive consulter of World wide Chinese Medical federation, vice – president of World Academic Society of Medical Qigong, president of the foundation “Mingtang”, graduaded from Beijing University with a major in software engineering in 1987. He apprenticed at the American Centre of Modern Computer Technologies, worked in software laboratory of the Chinese Academy od Science, and served a a senior specialist at the Special Abilities Reasearch Institute in Beijing.

Xu comes from a family of famous surgeons in China’s Henan Province. Since early childhood, Xu practiced Wushu from his great grandfather and lerarned WuYi, a Chinese form of shamanism, from his grandmother. In his school years, he started to learn spiritual methods of healing and practice with his first teacher, an eighty-year Shaman-woman. This was the begginig of his ZYQ education. After Xu’s first great teacher ascended to the heavens, he was introduced to other teachers (who were her brothers) to continue ZYQ practice.

In addition to his technicalk studies, Xu studied Traditional Chinese Medicine. During his third year of the university, he worked for a hospital as a diagnostician. Since 1998, Xu has annual international Zyq retreats in Shaolin. He currently conducts ZYQ seminars and demonstrates healing methods throughout the world.

Grand Master about Qigong : The purpose of Qigong is to undertsand what Life is by opening our eyes wider to see our world in a different light. Practicing Qigong can help us realize that all living creatures in the universe constitute a whole, and that the Universe is a living organism of which we are a part. Similiarly, our planet Earth is alive, just like us. Qigong helps us understand the relationship between the whole and its individual parts, while enabling us to establish a connection between them.

Each living being has its own life span. We often measure the lenghts of others’ lives against our own. Through the practice of Qigong, we can uderstand that such comaprisons are, by their very nature, limited. They exist only in our world and our imagination.

As humans, we have a natural desire to know more about our place in this huge, living Universe. We aslo want to know the nature of our own individual lives. In order to undertsand how to maintain good health, we need to comprehend the nature of life and the various forms that it is capable of taking. For this purpose, we can say that Qigong is a branch of science designed to deal with the very notion of Life and its roots. Through its use, the practicioner can enhance the quality of his or her life and look foreward to a brighter future.

Mingtang Xu

a3The first level of ZYQ is the basic and same time most important one, so thats why it must be well done in theory and prax.

It is mostly focused on the physical body and its right movement of energy. Here is many benefits from this practice, but minimum what you can get is, that you will have a perfect health.

This level prepares the practicioners for successful understanding of next levels. All the theory is written in a books of ZYQ, but neccessary is to have a first course with certified lector, in all levels.

a1From this level starts step by step spritual practice, by developing your energy and spirit (“shen”). By uncovering and strengthening your other senses ( special abilities ),  helps you to understand more about what is the reality, the truth and a life.

Very important is to train properly, to avoid any troubles.

a2In the third level you can start to receive uncommon informations in uncommon ways and understanding much more about the Universe.
img_58451The level four is tought only by Grand master Xu Mingtang. In this level you starts to comunicate and understand the nature, animals and the Universe.

Here starts the real practice, by real is ment that all the previous exercices were preparing you to this level, to really understand and practice further your spiritual development.

The fifth level is fully spiritual development. All “impossible” becomes possible.

img_45021The Shaolin Retreat is a unique experience of immersing yourself in a deep state of silence for students who practice meditation and practice in the Zhong Yuan Qigong system. The Shaolin Monastery is a place of power that different from any other places. For many centuries Shaolin monastery remains a place for deep meditation practice, Chan Buddhism, martial art of Gun-Fu to many great Masters and their disciples.

Morning practices and meditations performed during the retreat are aimed at calming the mind, getting rid of annoying thoughts and maintaining consciousness in a quiet state. This allows you to begin researching your own inner world, which is deep, versatile and complex system. When immersed in the depths of your consciousness, you will find many beautiful, pleasant, and sometimes very difficult moments. If you continue to practice meditation, you will be able to experience a feeling that is beyond the bounds of ordinary happiness. (From Kundawell site).