It's easy

It’s easy

Healthy and happy life – EASILY and for FREE.

A few simple things important to do to reach a good health and life.

If you will follow this few instructions you will definitely improve your life and health.

Basic steps:

  1. Sleep well ( arond 8 hours, but you need to wake up fresh )
  2. Eat well ( less food and healthy food )
  3. No stress
  4. Practice every day ZYQ ( min.1 hour)
  5. Do some physical exercice
  6. Work well
  7. Follow Universal rules

If you can,  then SIMPLY DO IT,  i believe you can!

Of course if you already have some kind of disorder ( illness ) then you need to practice much much longer and deeper and also look for neccessarily help.

I am wishing you success and the best results!

Image Medicine was generaly created as FAMILY MEDICINE

To easy heal and recognize unhealthy state of you or yours family members in the begging of changes and successfuly help yourself or them, you can be able after basic course of 1.level of Medical Qigong – ZYQ and course of CIM – Chinese Image Medicine.

If you wish, choose the course ( here ) and fill the form, please.