Grang Master Xu Mingtang

fullsizerender2Professor Xu Mingtang is the modern successor to “Bian Que” school, scholar and teacher. He inherited the knowledge of the school and founded Image Medicine of “Bian Que” school, independent system of diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Bian Que Image Medicine is based on creative thinking, takes as a model – Jing (substance), Qi (energy) and Shen (information), uses the images for diagnostic and image changing for treatment.

Professor Xu Mingtang first generalized knowledge of pulse diagnosis of this school and said that pulse diagnosis has 3 levels: the pulse beating, pulse energy and pulse image. The image of the pulse – is the highest level of diagnostics.

Through this pulse diagnosis it is possible directly receive information and image of health state, determine the location and nature of the disease. At the beginning of pulse diagnosis session doctor palpate by fingertips the patient’s pulse and the feeling under fingers are converted in the brain to images of the location and nature of the disease. With help of image you can see the psychological, physical and emotional state.

Professor Xu Mingtang is the successor to “Bian Que” school, he continues to share the secret knowledge of TCM to the world, returning hereby, the ancient stream of TCM – school “Bian Que” former glory. He healed many people with intractable diseases, he is currently conducting lectures in more than 26 countries around the world. He made a great contribution to the development of health care.  – More information about professor Xu Mingtang in section ” Kundawell / Grand master Xu Mingtang”