fullsizerender11fullsizerender1Practice of Qigong has a positive effect on human health. It allows you to find the balance of Yin-Yang, open energy channels and remove energy blocks. As a result of practice, it is possible to say goodbye to many chronic health problems, to find peace and begin to live in harmony with oneself. Retreat can remove the harmful effects of circumstances, emotions and stress in the person.

When immersed in themselves, people stop to think about worries, businesses, deeds and obligations and suddenly new and unexpected prospects of creativity open up, fresh creative ideas come up, seemingly impossible tasks are resolved, something like “enlightenment” occurs in the mind. A person feels a surge of energy, everything becomes extremely clear and understandable, tormented questions that puzzled you for a long time have been cleared and answered.

We can say, that in a few weeks you get a “system reboot” – cleaning up unnecessary information and structuring the accumulated knowledge and experience in order to use them most effectively. Retreats with Grand Master Xu are all over the world, most intnensiv one is the Shaolin retreat. The retreat is recommended to practice at least twice a year.

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