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Hi! My name is Martin, I started to practice ZYQ in the year 2010.  After two years of practice  I have become a personal student of Grand Master Xu Mingtang and begun to learn and study Chinese Image Medicine in Beijing.

By the same time (from 2012) I was attanding almost all Grand Masters common and personal student retreats all over the world included longer period intensive trainings in Shaolin 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2023.

My professional Image Medicine therapeut way started in Kundawell – Medical Institue in Beijing, where I had studied. I had started from the basic course of IM in 2012 and continued to study in China 2012/13, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018, 2019 ( i reached 2nd level ) where I upgrated qualifications of levels of CIM to a profesional therapeut and attended intensive practical exercises. In 2017 I became a Director of CIM Federation of Slovakia. My professional healing and teaching activities are worldwide – in EU, USA and UAE.

My diplomasPrice list

Price list for healing per each session:

Moxibustion : 30 min. / 30 €
Cupping : 20 min. / 25 €
Guasha + Cupping : 35 min. / 40 €

Courses and group practice :

Course of Chinese Image Medicine :   350 €*

Course of 1.st level of zyq :   100 € – (200* €)

Individual private practice of zyq :   80 € / hour

Group practice :   8 € / 1 pers. / hour – min. is 6 people in group
Free online practice for Damo club members and also for non members all Wednesdays evening practice at club place.


If you are active member of a Damo club – see discount here.

*Price is not cumulative

*Discount –  price for CIM healing sessions and price for CIM courses can be changed according the reasonable circumstances. ( specialy in low-income countries)

In general recomended therapy sessions for successul result is aprox. 10 – 14.

My experience is that usualy less then 10 sessions, but if the patient is in very comlicated condition it can be more than 10 sessions.

*Price do not include travel spends ( or after consultation ).


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