Kundawell – medical institue, health center and school in Beijing

img_452711Beijing Medical Research Institute Kundawell was founded by Professor Xu Mingtang in April 2008 with the support of foreign investment. The Institute focuses on contemporary medical research in accordance with international standards.  We offer Image medicine training programs, preventative health maintenance courses, rehabilitation, self-cultivation exerises (Zhong Yuan Qigong meditation). Our Institute’s facility is equipped with  a complete gym, and modern equipment.  We have many multi-faceted departments to provide a comprehensive health care experience for our clients; our departments include department of medical research, department of medical care, rehabilitation department, department of education. Our Institute has a team of Chinese and foreign professors, traditional healers, highly skilled professionals with knowledge of modern and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The experts of Kundawell Institute integrate the best modes of treatment indcluding diagnostic and prophylaxis methods from both ancient and modern medicine traditions; our aim is to build a bridge between the Eastern and Western healing traditions creating a synergestic platform to foster communication and understanding to propel the advancement of the healthcare field. Kundawell Institute is conviniently located in the heart of Bejing metropolis. June 4, 2013, Image Medicine was accredited in China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine.