international project – BIGUAN

international project – BIGUAN

The unique international project – Biguan Cultural Center

Place for relaxation, education, development and transformation.
Research and deep Zhong Yuan Qigong and Chinese Image Medicine practice.
Built on charitable contributions entirely. It is located in the suburb of Kiev, Ukraine.

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Biguan is a special practice of being alone and keeping silent in a quiet cozy room for a certain period of time, during which you are practicing a deep relaxation and meditation without communication in any form.

This practice helps restore your inner balance and activate your own energy, which is a required element for personal rejuvenation and an important stage/phase for all practitioners.

Biguan Center will present such an opportunity to all interested, as the Center will have 15 special Biguan-rooms, each provided for one practitioner.


Biguan Cultural Center is a place for research and practice, development and transformation for people of all ages. The Center will offer a venue for various presentations, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, workshops, children’s sections and classes.

Biguan Cultural Center will be equipped with study-rooms and conference halls, multifunctional premises for practice. Accommodating up to 500 people.

We plan to conduct an in depth research and study of Zhong Yuan Qigong and Chinese Image Medicine.

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